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Use Mezzi's personalized steps to save on capital gains taxes, reduce fund fees, increase passive income, and optimize your portfolio allocation.

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Smart investing requires seeing all of your stock and crypto investments in one place. Compare performance and allocations across your taxable and retirement accounts and start optimizing.

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Rebalance your portfolio allocations and put your extra cash to work with Mezzi's suggestions.

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Reduce your capital gains tax with Mezzi's tax-loss harvesting insights and wash sale reminders. Don't wait until the end of the year when you can maximize your tax savings today.

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Mezzi analyzes your portfolio and helps you swap into less expensive funds, while maintaining your desired exposure.

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Mezzi makes using financial data easy for anyone. We monitor the market and your portfolio and keep you updated on all the important things going on.
Boost returns today

We'll never sell your data

At Mezzi, your privacy and the security of your data are paramount to us. With an ad-free experience, you can trust that your data remains exclusively yours — we will never sell it to third parties, today or ever. We don't store your login details, and access to your accounts is limited to read-only. We cannot touch or move your money. Period.

What people are saying about Mezzi

I've been looking for a better alternative for investing than Personal Capital. Mezzi actually helps me make smarter decisions with my portfolio rather than just trying to sell me on financial advisory services.

- Joyce B.

With my brokerage account it's hard to find my trades and see what was a good decision and what wasn't and to understand the tax impact. Mezzi helps me evaluate my trades and avoid unnecessary taxes.

- Chris T.

I manage the same investment strategy across 14 different taxable and retirement accounts for my family. Mezzi helps me stick to my investment strategy across accounts, saving me hours each month.

- Nait P.

Mezzi makes it so much easier to avoid wash sales across multiple investment accounts. The Mezzi subscription is a no brainer considering how much it's going to help me save on taxes.

- Lawrence W.