Building wealth should be available to every family.

Wealth allows us all to achieve important goals for our family, like buying a home, sending our kids to college, traveling, and retiring early.

Yet, so often, financial insights are locked behind expensive wealth advisors. Even those armed with a finance degree can end up spending hours on weekends and evenings researching the information they need and building spreadsheets to stay organized.

Mezzi provides a better way to build wealth for every family.
You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to an advisor. You don’t need a finance degree. You don’t need to waste your weekends building spreadsheets.

The Mezzi mobile app gives you and every family tools and insights to build wealth independently, without paying expensive advisory fees, being beholden to a financial institution with biased advice, and wasting precious time each week. Join other Mezzi members who have saved thousands and build wealth to achieve all of your family's goals.

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Don’t change a thing

With Mezzi, you keep your existing investment accounts. Securely sync them with Mezzi to get started.

Your family’s portfolio, in one place

Mezzi allows you to understand your family’s investments in one view and by account so you aren’t switching between different apps and logins to manage it all.

Insights to build wealth today

Mezzi’s insights allow you to start taking immediate action to build wealth. Use our suggestions to save thousands in taxes and fees today
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