Tax-loss harvesting

Tracking gains and losses across multiple brokerage accounts and determining how to reduce your taxes is a pain. Mezzi makes it simple for anyone to reduce capital gains tax, maximize ordinary income tax deductions, and effectively tax loss harvest without violating IRS rules.

“I needed to sell a bunch of stocks to buy a new home. Mezzi helped me sell the right ones to avoid tens of thousands in taxes.”

Tax savings with Mezzi’s algorithm

Mezzi’s tax algorithm analyzes your gains and losses to estimate your capital gains and/or income tax savings.

All your losses in one place

Mezzi organizes all of your losses across multiple accounts and tax lots to help you decide which are the best ones to take to reduce capital gains tax and maximize your income deduction.

Set repurchase notifications

Mezzi can remind you to repurchase a stock in 31 days to avoid violating the IRS wash sale rule.

AI-powered replacement suggestions

You may want to keep your exposure while still getting the benefits of tax efficiency. Use our suggestions to maintain exposure to a particular industry or sector over the 31 day period.
Save on taxes