New in Mezzi: More insight with Account Tags

Hey there!

Mezzi has made it easy to effectively manage all of your investment accounts in one place without changing a thing. Now, with Account Tags you can answer even more important questions about your investments by grouping your accounts in ways that are meaningful to you and your family. Download the latest version of Mezzi for iOS to explore, or learn more about Account Tags.

All your taxable accounts as one portfolio

Track realized returns and tax plan effectively by viewing all of your taxable accounts as one portfolio. You don’t pay taxes on an account by account basis, so you shouldn’t manage your taxable accounts that way either. This is especially important if you are married and filing your taxes jointly.

All your retirement accounts as one portfolio

Do you have multiple 401Ks, a Traditional IRA, and Roth IRA? If that sounds like you, now Mezzi allows you to have a full picture of your retirement assets as one portfolio rather than multiple different ones. Having a hard time keeping tabs of where your retirement stands vs. your partner? Mezzi makes it easier to see your entire family’s retirement assets together.

Family management

Do your partner’s accounts live in a separate brokerage? Do they have their own complicated mix of taxable and retirement accounts? Do you have multiple 529s or custodian accounts for children? Our partner, child, and parent tags make it easy to see all of their respective accounts as one portfolio.

Insights for every tag

With tags, you now can analyze your allocation, performance, dividend income, and more for these tags. You’ll see them as Total Taxable, Total Tax-Advantaged, Total Partner, etc…

We have a lot more planned with Tags and you can help shape the direction. We’d love to hear what you love or don’t love about them so we can continue to build Mezzi into the best wealth management app.

Other recent updates:

  • Bank accounts: If you have a savings or checking account with your brokerage, you can see your cash balance in Mezzi. This cash balance will also appear in your Allocation details.
  • Hide accounts: Do you have an old or small account that you want to hide from your Total Portfolio view? Now you can easily hide accounts that you don’t want to see.
  • Allocation: We’ve expanded our Allocation card to include Fixed Income and Money Market.
  • Fidelity and Chase: Connections to these brokers are now available in beta

You’ll also find a variety of enhancements throughout the app to make things cleaner and more insightful. Stay tuned for more updates next week!