New in Mezzi: Performance across accounts

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If you’re like me, you wake up, check the markets, then check your own portfolio. Are you doing as well? Are you doing worse? At best, it’s a guess from day-to-day. Forget about long-term insights. You did pretty good, maybe the S&P 500 did better. Who knows why?

Now, with Performance by Mezzi you can benchmark all your investment accounts against key indices. Compare your taxable E*Trade brokerage account vs. your Schwab IRA vs. your Fidelity 401(k). Then, collectively compare them against the S&P 500, Dow, or Nasdaq.

No more checking CNBC or Google to just get a feeling of how you’re performing against the market each day. Finally get insight across time and across your accounts.

Download the latest version of Mezzi for iOS to explore, or learn more about our updates to Performance 👇.

Benchmark against key indices

Benchmark each of your connected Mezzi accounts against the S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq over multiple time horizons.

It may make sense to benchmark one of your accounts against the S&P and another against the NASDAQ.

Now you can do this the way you want.

Compare performance across accounts

Which of your investment accounts are performing the best?

Are your retirement accounts keeping up with your brokerage accounts?

Are they doing better than benchmarks?

Today’s update makes it easier than ever to answer these questions. You can also run these comparison’s with your partner’s investment accounts.