New in Mezzi: More detail, better decisions

Hey there!

Alongside our recent big launches like Account Tags and Performance comparisons, we’ve been rolling out many smaller but mighty updates! Now, with updated Stock Details, Unrealized Returns, and Realized Returns pages you can answer even more important questions about your portfolio.

Stock details: All your trades

Bought or sold a lot of a particular stock in multiple accounts? Now you can see all of your trades in one place. Click on any stock to navigate to view important information like cost basis, gain or loss since purchase, tax status, and account. Finding your trades across different accounts just got a lot easier.  

Unrealized returns: Gains and losses for every stock

Don't sell a stock before understanding your total return and potential taxes. Stocks held less than a year carry ordinary income tax rates, while those held over a year receive more favorable tax rates. Navigate to Unrealized returns on the Portfolio tab to see your gains, losses, and long or short-term tax status.

Realized returns: Long and short-term gains and losses

Stay ahead of large tax bills with a detailed view of long and short-term gains and losses on stocks you’ve already sold this year. Use Mezzi’s tax savings insights to reduce your tax bill. Navigate to Realized returns on the Portfolio tab.

Margin accounts

If you invest with margin, we’ve made enhancements to the Allocation and Concentration cards on the Portfolio tab to better represent your true exposure to various stocks, sectors, and asset types. Let us know if things don’t look right!  

Plus, we’ve polished up many places in the app for a better experience. What do you think? Stay tuned, as we’re planning to unveil a major new feature in the next week.